Multichannel Retail Software

The RP2 system offers a unique experience, unmatched
by anything else available on the market today.
The system will fit your needs, whether you are a local, single store retailer
or a national, multi-store business with a £multi-million turnover.


EPoS is designed for touch-screen, quick to learn and powerful .
It is very intuitive and no prior computer experience is necessary
It can handle simple cash sales or more complex transactions where customer details are taken.

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RP2 will manage your whole business.
For example, it can quickly highlight product lines that are selling well, and those that are not doing so well. It helps you to make important decisions about stock holding and purchasing.

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RP2 has been designed for multichannel selling. We can fully integrate your business with your own website, Google, eBay and Amazon to give you instant, successful ecommerce.

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